Waikiki, Oahu
October, 2004
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We spent Kenny's 40th birthday (see how he barely looks 30!) at our all-time favorite hotel, The Sheraton Moana
Surfrider, in beautifil Waikiki. This was one of our only vacations where we didn't coordinate any activities, except for
lazing by the ocean, tanning, eating, and, of course, shopping. The only thing we made a reservation for was the
incredible submarine ride through the Pacific Ocean on the
Atlantis X. This was truly spectacular and we highly
recommend it. All in all, a too short (4 nights!), but exceedingly relaxing time. And yes, the tan faded oh so quickly.
A bird's eye view of Waikiki
and Diamondhead.
Getting leid upon arrival.
The spectacular Sheraton Moana.
The beach and Diamondhead.
The Pacific.
Surf's Up!
Hula Time!
The Moana's famous 100+ year
old Banyan Tree from above.
The Banyan Tree from the front.
Lounging on the Moana's
Ice cream at sunset.
View of Waikiki.
Our Four Sunsets!
Happy Birthday, Kenny!
All of our leis.
I surprised Kenny with a
Limo to the hotel.
Kenny enjoying his Moana
Sands at sunset.
Birthday dinner at the Shore
Bird, where you cook your own
We found Nemo at the
The Atlantis X.
Waikiki from out at sea.
Inside the submarine.
One of several sharks we saw.
Bye-bye until next time!