Thanksgiving 2002
Las Vegas
Kenny and I like to travel for Thanksgiving to get away from it all. This year we chose our favorite
destination (OK, my favorite destination), Las Vegas. We go to Vegas 2-3 times per year and always
stay in a different hotel. This trip we opted for Treasure Island, but our all time favorite is The
Aladdin. We also caught a fabulous show: Charo at The Sahara. Coochie, coochie! But it's not all
about gambling and shows. We also spent an entire day hiking in The Valley Of Fire, which is only
an hour drive outside of Vegas and well worth the trip.
Kenny holding up the mountain.
Robbie in a hole...
See why they call it The Valley Of Fire?
Ancient petroglyphs line the walls.
Lots of westerns were filmed out here. Can you see
No more hole jokes, let's just
say there's a lot of them.
Kenny climbed, I watched.
...Kenny in a hole.
Stark, yet beautiful.
Handsome Husband.
Our view over the scene of the Pirate
Fake, but beautiful.
The entrance to Treasure Island.
Yes, we're counting down the days until
My favorite slot game: Slingo
My favorite machine in all of
Vegas: Flip Flop at The